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Prayers for the Gulf Coast

I guess most people are aware of the oil slick heading for the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, which includes the coasts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. This may be a really huge disaster. Your prayers are solicited. The wind is now coming out of the south and expected to stay there for several days, which ordinarily I would be happy about, as a south wind tends to bring sand to my little strip of beach on Mobile Bay, rather than taking it away, as a north wind does. But that's insignificant compared to the harm this could do.

Here is a Google image search showing some of the beaches that could be damaged or ruined. These are in Alabama; Florida of course has many, many more miles of similar beach. Possibly more significant, longer term, could be the harm done to estuaries and swamps, which provide homes and breeding grounds for all sorts of aquatic creatures, e.g. shrimp. I don't know what the chances are of it coming way up into Mobile Bay, to the area where I live.

There is a lot of information at, none of it very encouraging. 


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My prayers!!!

I have been meaning to ask you about that. I will pray.


You forgot to mention that the sand on those beaches is white as sugar; very beautiful.
I'll bet Obama wishes he'd timed his announcement that he was going to permit more offshore drilling a little differently.

People were supposed to look at the pictures--I thought they would be better than my description.

Yeah, this is definitely going to have an impact on further drilling. And, the general merits or otherwise of that aside, backing off that is probably not going to help the economic picture.

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