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The View from my Front Door

Yesterday evening, during the rain, which we really needed, not having had any for several weeks. The wind chime looks so bright because the porch light was on. The camera never catches rain like I want it to, but you can see some faint vertical streaks.


And it's still raining.It's actually rather dark right now, in mid-afternoon.


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I'm afraid I can't see the rain at all, but I like the picture. I love all those trees, and the wind chimes are great.


oh, how green it is!

Yeah, things are very, very lush here in the spring. I was out running an errand a little while ago and it's green like that everywhere you look. It's rained so hard that the azaleas are getting most of their flowers knocked off. A mile or so from here there's a yard that I pass every day on my way to and from work, that has about 10 really big azaleas, a couple of meters tall and just as wide, that have been totally covered with white blossoms. I meant to stop & take a picture of them, but I've waited too long--when I passed by there today, a lot of the flowers were on the ground and the bushes look like they're partly covered in wet tissue.

A little to the right of the middle of the picture, in that area where you can see past the closer trees to some farther away, there's a faint pale line, which is rain, probably a stream falling from the roof.

You had me worried for a second. Our azaleas have been gorgeous this year, but it's been pelting down rain since yesterday afternoon. Bill keeps having to drain let water out of the pool. But I checked and the azaleas still look ok. I also heard the kids next door in their swimming pool.


How 'bout y'all send some of that rain my way?

The color contrast of the chimes and the vegetation is quite striking.

Well, after worrying about you so much last year, I'm not sure we want to do that. I guess we'll have to specify exactly how much to send.


*hugs* Just a bit! 10%, I guess?

May we assume, m'am, that you won't be having the tornadoes with your rain?

LOL!! Yes, Sir, you may assume that indeed!

What a fabulous view. I can't see the rain, either, but all that green is a feast for the eyes. I like the wind chimes, too. What do they sound like?

A woody hollow sound, almost more a knocking, or a sort of musical clatter, than ringing.

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