Another BP Spill

Little and Ashley: Stole My Heart

Weekend Music

Pure pop candy. Don't try to pretend you don't like it. It will probably get stuck in your head if you listen to it more than once, so just accept it. The video is just the lyrics, which aren’t exactly difficult or obscure, so no need to watch.


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Not bad! -- reminds me a bit of Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura.

Late last year I mentioned Mumford & Sons, an English folk/rock outfit. At the time their CD was only available in the UK. Well, it was released here in February and it gradually gained a fair amount of attention and has become pretty well known.

Live vids from Letterman and Craig Ferguson:

If you like these two tracks you'll definitely like the whole record. It's all done in this same raucous folk style, but with a few slower tracks thrown in. Great stuff.

But more lightweight than B&S or CO, wouldn't you say?

For sure. Like what we used to call "bubblegum."

I listen to that Mumford & Sons CD all the time - one of my favourite CDs I've bought on recommendation from someone on this site. Funny, I remembered it as being Paul who suggested it.

There's a distant possibility I might have mentioned them, but I've not heard enough of them to be recommending them to anybody.

Just now listened to those Mumford & Sons clips. Excellent!

Well, you were right about the stuck-in-your-head factor.


Yeah, I'm half-sorry I posted it, because just seeing the post gets it stuck in my head.

You don't know how long I've tried to resist listening to this! :-D

And now the time has come?

Or was that just a really sneaky way of getting it stuck in my head again? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Augghhhhh....

The post is now on the bottom on the main page, and yeah, I thought the time has come. What? Sneaky? When was I ever sneaky? *innocent*

Please tell me it's stuck in your head now.:-)

It's stuck in my head now.


What was it, again? :-D


Y'all are doing it again. I go out to lunch and what happens?


Aw, Miss Janet!! I'm sorry, I kind of went on a break, too. My eyes were hurting a bit.

Well, see, lunch is just when I'm most likely to be at liberty to comment.

That's a likely story, but this never happens during the 90% of the lunch hours when I'm IN the office.


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