Van Morrison: Almost Independence Day

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A small milestone in this long-drawn-out business of migrating everything from my old site to here: that handful of non-blog essays and book reviews that were listed simply as "Prose" on the old site are now here. See the "Here" sidebar, the item called Non-Blog Prose Writings. The verse is next. It's amazing how time-consuming this has been. Basically I only have to open each item in a text editor, copy the body of the piece (don't want all the headers, display control, etc.), open the create-a-new-post page here, paste the text in, and publish it. Sounds simple enough. But some of them had some specialized formatting that had to be removed, and the whole thing was complicated by the fact that some of those essays get fairly frequent hits from search engines and have a few links out there, so I also had to learn how to do an HTML redirect to bring anyone landing on one of those pages here. Then I had to update and republish those pages with the redirect code and the new links, check it out, correct mistakes, etc., all of which is more cumbersome than updating a blog page.

Coincidentally, it's 5:05. Perhaps I'll drink that last beer in the fridge.

I've decided not to wait until I've converted all the pre-blog Sunday Night Journals here before changing the domain to point here. They're not readily accessible now, so it's not like anyone is losing access to them and I realized that since there are still almost two years' worth of them to be done it was going to take longer than I want to wait.


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Thanks. I know you didn't mean that sarcastically, but it could justifiably have been. I'm not sure why I posted it--I guess it's basically the same impulse as when you come inside and announce that you just finished mowing the lawn.

Or when you want to tell everybody how successful you have been in cutting out little pieces of construction paper and sticking them on cardstock. ;-) Although, I'm sure more people will be happy about the blog getting back together (or the grass being cut) than that I can function on a kindergarten level.


Don't underestimate yourself--I'm not sure I could do that.:-)

"A small milestone in this long-drawn-out business..."

Yay anyway!!

And greetings to y'all on this 4th of July :-)

Thank you. It's a very easy-going one here.


That's quite a paper trail you have there, Mac. (Well, paperless trail, actually.)

You realize what that does to your chances of ever getting appointed to the Supreme Court, don't you?

Yeah, I'd been pretty discouraged on that score lately anyway, since the Kagan nomination. They'll probably think I'm too old when the next vacancy appears.

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