I think this should be widely distributed

The Weepies: I Was Made for Sunny Days

Weekend Music

Another sweet catchy love song. I guess I'm ruining my reputation with stuff like this; the title of this one is especially against my usual grain, as I know I've mentioned how much I like rain. But it's not ironic. This song was given away on either eMusic or Amazon a few weeks ago. I had never heard of the group before, but I want to hear more.

The lyrics are really good. If you can't make them all out, click on the video again after you've played it, and you'll be taken to the YouTube page, where the lyrics are available (click on the text below the video--it expands).

I guess next week I need to find some metal or industrial.


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Great beat and it's easy to dance to. ;-)


Thanks for this; I needed a pick-me-up. Just poked around a bit on the Web and found out The Weepies have done music for some advertising campaigns -- interesting because an earlier piece you posted, Little & Ashley’s Stole My Heart (which you called “pure pop candy”), was (is?) the music in a Kindle ad. Must mean this kind of music is tapping into something out there that the advertising types have noticed. Nice, if that’s truly the case.

NO Marianne! Do not put Stole My Heart in my head again! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Actually I find that this one conquers Stole My Heart in the battle for control over my inner audio.

That's interesting, Marianne. In these cases I heard the songs without having heard the ads, but in another case, a song by Hem that was used in an insurance commercial (I think), I heard it in the commercial first and couldn't rest until I'd tracked it down. Also a little thing by Architecture in Helsinki that was used in some phone commercial. I'm sort of glad that I don't remember the names of the companies.

I just read the lyrics for the first time. They're great.


Yes, aren't they?

Nice tune! Speaking of sunny days, remember this ditty from about 10 years ago? Another chorus-stuck-in-the-head song, so beware. For some odd reason I've always liked this song whenever I've heard it: it somehow manages to be lame and cool at the same time.


That is pretty catchy, but I only played it once, not enough to get it stuck in my head. I'd never heard it before

You're right, Maclin, this one has great staying power. I'm sure everyone knows the melody because I've been whistling it for two days.


Another nice seasonal tune, this one from '97 --


Oh yeah, The Sundays are really good. I have that album. Another husband-wife team, if I'm not mistaken (and they haven't gotten divorced).

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