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Liturgical Music from...Pittsburgh?

Worst Football Dives

Consider this a postlude to the World Cup, sent to me by son John. I had never heard of this "diving" business until my World Cup post a couple of weeks ago, when it was mentioned and explained in the comments. I've since come across other references, and, interestingly, it always seems to be followed by the remark that "The Italians do it all the time." (Notice the music, by the way; I didn't realize at first what it was.)

Oh, and by the way, here is an interesting piece on the often-heard view that we (the USA) would be great in soccer/football/futbol if our top athletes went for it instead of basketball, baseball, and (American) football.


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Now I know why I fall down all the time!

That is hysterical. My son, who is of course half Italian, LOVES to fall down--or at least he did when he was a kid. He should have stuck with soccer.


I can't immediately place the music. What is it?

The Death Star theme from Star Wars, in an utterly silly arrangement. Is that an ocarina or what?

Ah yes! (Not that I know whether or not it's an ocarina.)

At first it reminded me of this song which was in an X-Files episode (performed by somebody else).


Bucky's observation in the first frame is hilarious (and right on).

What X-Files episode was that in, Janet?

Improbable is the name of the episode. It's the one where Burt Reynolds plays God.


I don't think I've seen that one. In fact I'm pretty sure I haven't--surely I'd remember Burt Reynolds as God. Not to mention the great music.

It is one of the great ones. You can never really figure out what is going on and it's got a lot of humor. You should figure out what disc it's on and watch it.


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