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Yeah, I guess they will have 8-9-10 next month.


And if you want to stay up until after 11, it will be 8-9-10;11:12:13. I'll probably sleep through it.


Don't forget the rapidly approaching (thanks to our antiquated 12-hour clock) 5:06:07 8-9-10.

Darn! I never thought about that before and I missed it because I was on the road. I'll have to remember that next year at 6:07:08, 9-10-11.


You two are crazy.

Well, you see, Craig, this is one of the few ways we non-mathematical types have of appreciating numbers. I'm really distressed that my odometer broke at 187,726 miles and I'm not going to get to see it roll over to 200,000 (which in actual miles is probably past now).

My youngest daughter was born on 20.03.2003, but I suppose over there that would be 3-20-2003, which is rather less fun.

I tried to figure out a way to make that a numeric palindrome but since there aren't 30 months it isn't going to work.

Really, every time I read that odometer story it makes me want to weep.


I guess if Paul has another daughter in 3002, that palindrome thing might work.


I really appreciate that.

Oh, I share the numerological passion, but I admit that I'm crazy too. My favourite time of day is 12:35 because 1,2,3,5 are the first four numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. I also like 12:51 because of its reflection symmetry (on one of those cheap digital clocks).

Last year a friend (also a physicist) and I were driving from Toronto to Ottawa when my odometer rolled up to 111111 km. We put down the windows, honked the horn, and hallooed at the top of our lungs. When it rolled over to 111112 we went back to listening to Mahler.

Plainly, you're crazier than we are.

I have very fond memories of 222222 miles on my old Civic, but I think a murmur of satisfaction was my only visible reaction.

(by the way, what I appreciated below was the sympathy for the odometer problem--that was a case where I wrote the comment, then forgot to click 'post' for a while.)

I figured that's what it was. Watching the odometer turn over to 300,000 was the high point of my life (this should probably make me weep too), so it makes me sad to think you will never see it.

Craig, my favorite time of the day is 11:24 because it's my birthday--and then 11:26 because it's my anniversary. And then, of course 12:34.


In fact I think both of y'all are crazier than I am. The only daily event I notice is 8:05, because it touches on my pop music obsession:

I love the lead-in to that song.

I really am number-obsessed. I'm always noticing things like the relationships of the numbers on people's applications and whether people's phone numbers have any mathematical progressions.


Puts me in mind of other weekly and daily times.

That was my birthday!

In Oz it was 9-8-10 too, I might add. But it was my birthday all the same. :)

I realy like 11:11 on the clock.

Happy birthday, Louise.

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