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With ABBA we get not just a married couple, but two married couples. Sad to say, both divorced later. I picked "SOS" because I think it was the first ABBA song I ever heard--either it, or "Waterloo." Those and several other ABBA singles were a breath of fresh air on mainstream radio in the '70s. 



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The first ABBA tune I ever heard was this...


I was 14. My grandmother was 70 at the time and even she really liked the song!

I wonder where I can get a dress like that.


Without watching the video again I have no idea what any dress in it looks like.

"I do..." is one of my less favorite ones, actually, but it's not bad at all. A lot of their stuff has a somewhat '60s sound or at least vibe to me; this one is more '50s. Reminds me of Connie Francis or someone similar.

It was Rob's video, not yours. It was a very catty dress.


Well, to combine Mac's song with Rob's dress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f19GKcZU1vg.

My reasoned guess: there are many, many people who are ABBA fans but won't dare admit it :)

Definitely, although I think it's getting to be a love that is less fearful of speaking its name.

I just now had a chance (busy weekend) to go back and look at those dresses. Cute, but not as cute as the guy's overalls.

Yeah, I thought you would like them.

Actually, what I was thinking was that it's no wonder they got divorced. Who could be married to a guy that dressed like that?


Abba and SOS are both palindromes.


True. I was sort of conscious that there was something about those patterns but hadn't explicitly recognized.Does it count if they're not actually words? I guess so.

I have been looking and looking at that title thinking, "There's something about it. What is it?"

I counts if I say so.


I loved ABBA, as a child and even now I still like their music a lot. I was really very sad when the marriages later broke up.

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