"Idiotic on every level"
Muslims in America

As Hagrid would say...

...I should not have done that. I just read (while web-surfing with sandwich in hand) the description of a scene from the forthcoming final Harry Potter movies, and now I know something important about the movies which one wouldn't exactly know from reading the books. It will be a very moving scene--it was moving just to read about--and that's all I'm saying, and I'm not posting a link, so nobody will blame me if they encounter a spoiler.

My wife and I (and sometimes Clare, who was about the same age as Harry when the first book came out, and so grew up with the series) have been watching the movies recently. I hadn't seen the last two and didn't remember the others that well. They're really quite good. And--at risk of reigniting that controversy--I really think the Christians who object so strongly to them (books and movies) are mistaken. I think they're fundamentally healthy and good. As I think I've said before here, they're fundamentally about sacrificial love, and what can be more healthy and good than that?


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We just watched The Prisoner of Askaban last night. It's my favorite of both the books and movies. Bill has just reread all the books and we've been watching the movies to refresh our memories before the new movie. I don't know what makes us think that we can remember anything for over 2 months.


That's the most recent one we've seen, too. We did it wrong: 6,5,1,2,3,4, with 4 yet to watch. First I wanted to see 6, because I hadn't, then 5 to refresh my memory, then oh-heck-we-need-to-start-at-the-beginning. I don't know if I have a favorite. My memories of the books are hazy, because though I enjoyed them they didn't make that strong an impression on me.

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