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This is rather late for the usual weekend music post, because I've been busy with Thanksgiving-related activities, and I was just going to skip doing it this week, but my friend Robert sent me a link to this appreciation of the Lionel Hampton/Sonny Burke/Johnny Mercer song "Midnight Sun," including a clip of Ella Fitzgerald singing it.  I'm linking to the article instead of just including the video because it's very much worth reading. One of these days I'll write something longer about Johnny Mercer.


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I had read somewhere else (maybe a Mark Steyn column?) that story of how Johnny Mercer came up with the "Midnight Sun" lyric. Talk about an impressive burst of songwriting genius.

You can almost picture the smile on his face when two workable rhymes for "borealis" popped into his head.

Yes indeed. Mercer is the best.

Today was the first chance I've had to read that article or listen to the song--both great, particularly the song. This was the music I grew up with. My Dad had something like this playing most of the time he was home.


Meant to reply to that yesterday: I can't say I really grew up with it, but I was sort of aware of it. I didn't appreciate till I was in my 40s or so, though. Tune in for this week's weekend music.

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