No Sunday Night Journal this week
Want to read a story with a happy ending?


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I understand the temptation to let an anchor go. Like the gentleman in question, I'd have to be drunk to actually release it.

Perhaps that's part of the reason for the laughter--it's what we all, or at least I, secretly want to do.

Was it wrong of me to laugh at this story?

No, Craig, that was really funny. At first I thought it was just some kind of cyber-prank, but to think about it up there all these years is great.


Ha! Yes, amazing that it has been there all this time.'s an airport. Typically, in the course of 30+ years, you would expect a certain number of airplanes to fly over the buildings of an airport, and for a certain number of people in those airplanes to look down. How is it possible no one noticed before?

Hmmm. I didn't think of that.


My wife thought of that immediately. The only thing I can think of in response is that, because the building is some distance away from the runway (which it is), and not on the flight path, and because planes generally fly at low altitude in the vicinity of airports, it is not easy to see.

Maybe that explains it. At any rate the Iranians seem to be taking it seriously.

I love statements like this, "The calls to remove the Star of David, which the Iranian authorities view as a symbol associated with Israel...." We don't want to be too committal and just say that it's a symbol associated with Israel.

I guess now people are going to be looking for Stars of David all over Muslim countries.


The not-funny part of this is that it's not hard to imagine someone being killed over it.

I must have missed that.


Not sure I understand. It hasn't happened, I just meant that this is the sort of thing that sometimes brings the Muslim crazies out for an afternoon of rioting. Or that could get an Iranian engineer or builder killed, if it were known he had a hand in it. Although since it's an airport and not a Muslim-specific site, maybe nothing will happen.

LOL. Well, I guess I'm the one that didn't understand. Maybe I shouldn't try to do 6 things at one time. I'll cut back to 4, maybe.


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