Autumn Leaves
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Best Space Pictures of 2010

Via National Geographic. Some really spectacular pictures. I love stuff like this.

And while I'm at it, and speaking of pictures, this week's Hearts of Space theme is austerity, and the gallery is really nice. The music is spectacular: a series of excerpts of music from northern and eastern Europe, particularly the Baltic area, from the wonderful ECM label. Unfortunately you have to pay to hear it.


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Those are great. Of the austerity pictures, I particularly like the one called Echoes and the Norway Church. That sunspot is really amazing.


I like those, too. And the one called Georgia. The St. Basil one appears to be in...Houston?!?

I find the sunspot vaguely unsettling for some reason.

And the moonbow picture--I really loved that.

One disconcerting thing about the sunspot picture is it's resemblance to an eye.


Did the Georgia picture look a bit like Echoes, because I remembered something like that, but when I just looked, it was gone. And the St. Basil picture was gone, too.


Or was it this:


Odd, and there are a bunch of pictures there now that weren't this morning--the Brodgar series. No, it wasn't that Georgia--I think it was the European Georgia. Something that I think was a church on a hill.

That first one might be my favorite--the plane and the lunar eclipse. Or maybe the star death one. The Hubble one is interesting but it looks a little over-enhanced.

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