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Want to read a story with a happy ending?

Read the first letter on this page. It's really...well, I won't say miraculous, but the chances were very much against the happy ending.

The person who stopped was as brave as he was kind. The "Bayway" referred to in the letter is the long bridge by which Interstate 10 crosses Mobile Bay. Traffic is often heavy and runs 65-85mph or more (100-135kph), and includes a lot of 18-wheelers. People dread having car trouble on it, because the space in which you can pull over is not very much wider than your vehicle--a little less than the width of the traffic lanes, I think. So you're stuck between the traffic flying by a few feet away, and the guardrail of the bridge. If this link works, you can see it on Google Street View.


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A good bit of the expressway that I drive is like this for all practical purposes--little or no shoulder and a 20 or 30 foot drop-off, some of it into water and no guard rail. I didn't used to think about it at all, but lately I'm really aware of how easily one could fall off.

That was very kind and brave of the lady who saved the dog.


It's good to read a story like this once in a while.

Reminds me of one of our cats. She disappeared in late August. Three months later, first day of significant snow, there she is: looking good, a bit thinner but healthy. In fact she was a nicer cat after her Wilderness Therapy adventure!

We had a similar thing with a cat, except that the disappearance lasted a couple of years. One day she just came walking out of the woods again. But she wasn't really the same. She was much more cautious about everything and had a mania for always getting to the highest possible place in the house. She probably would have had some stories to tell...

My daughter would love that story. When she had to switch high schools a couple years back because her mom moved, she met her new best friends while she was rescuing wooly-bear caterpillars by moving them from the running track into the grass. The two girls came up to her and asked her what she was doing. They told her afterwards that they thought she was a little weird for doing that, but they hit it off anyways and became good friends.

Good for your daughter. I do stuff like that, too. But I also poison bugs.

Yeah, funny thing is she hates bugs--absolutely hates them. Western Pa. had a big stink bug problem this summer and she dreaded going outside even though they're harmless to humans. I think the only reason she likes wooly-bears is that they're small and furry and "cute" (at least from a distance).

There was a weird very fuzzy, almost spikey, thing on our sidewalk a few weeks ago. My wife took a close-up picture of it which I thought was rather scary but Janet thought was cute. I made it my Facebook profile pic...wonder if this link will work...probably not.

No idea what that is -- looks like an insectoid version of a porcupine!

How big was that thing really?


Four and a half, maybe five, feet.

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