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You don't see much naturally-occurring ice in this part of the country. This is a fountain in the chapel quadrangle at Spring Hill College. Taken a couple of weeks ago, with my phone so not a very high quality photo. Notice how the students are dressed. They don't look very cold, do they? Well, they weren't. This was about two o'clock in the afternoon, and the temperature was well above freezing, after having been a few degrees below it for a couple of days. The ice was melting at this point.



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You can almost see the sunlight melting the ice. ;-)

It was!

I keep thinking that the next time I look at the picture the ice will be melted and I'll be able to see the bird better. Is that an egret?


Well, it's egret-ish, at least. :-)

Or heron-ish.

Yeah, same family. In fact egret may be a subset of heron. I think of egrets as being somewhat smaller but maybe that's because heron=great blue heron in my mind.

Oh, me too. That's what we see around here (great blues), and then those little white cattle egrets, or cow egrets as they call them around here.
And then every once in a great while we will see a great white heron.


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