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Is the Future Here to Stay?


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You know, the worst disappointment for me this year was the Toyota problem. I never trusted politicians or oil companies or the producers of Jersey Shore, but I had faith in Toyota. What am I going to do when my old one dies? Oh well, I'm counting on getting another 650K out of it, so I don't have to worry for a while.


I tend to have similar faith in Honda, knowing full well that it's stupid, because I had persistent problems with my 1990 Civic and we had a couple of weird ones with Karen's 2000 CRV.

I think I told you my odometer started working again, didn't I?

We drive a Pontiac. It's been a great car, at least until yesterday when we were rear-ended at a stop light and pushed into the vehicle ahead of us. Now we've got damage to both the front and the rear. Not a nice way to start the year...

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