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I have to make this quick, because we just lost power and I think it's going to be down for a while, and I only have a few minutes of battery time left.

Please pray for my friend Daniel (Nichols), who is going to have a heart catheterization procedure on Thursday. It should be routine, but don't let that stop you from praying.

You may have seen this in her comment, but Louise, our Australian commenter, has asked for prayers for her husband's job situation--the company he works for may be about to go under.

Thank you. Both these families have numerous small children depending on their fathers.


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Me too.

et ego - Dan, if you are reading, don't die before finishing my St. Michael! And I want that dragon really slain!

Thanks, Maclin, and thanks to everyone praying. I'll let you know how things go for us, and of course I'll pray for Daniel's operation. It goes without saying that Daniel had better make sure he's around to finish off that dragon!

I feel really honoured to be your Australian commenter. :)

I'm glad that you are our Australian commenter, too, Louise, but it's ok if you move to Scotland since we currently have an opening in that department.


Both Social security and the office of motor vehicles changed their goalposts again, so I still don't have a social security number or a provisional driver permit. But many decades were said!

I hope your first driving experiences are not too bad. I can't imagine learning to drive on the other side of the road. Everything in me would be yelling "RED ALERT!! WRONG WAY!! COLLISION IMMINENT!!" But maybe it's an advantage that you haven't been driving for 45 years.

I am glad to hear about "the many decades" Francesca but am heartily sorry for the run around you've had. :/

I'd rather take any opening in Scotland than move to the US, Janet, on the basis of learning to drive on the "wrong" side of the road, as Maclin illustrated for us so well!

I'm with you there. It took me weeks to learn to use my mouse with my left hand.


I did that, too, trying to cure an elbow problem, and was surprised to find that it wasn't that difficult. Did you re-assign the buttons to make it an actual left-hand mouse? I didn't. Somehow that seemed harder.

No, I left it the way it was because I intended to change back, but I clicked the wrong button frequently at first. I did it because of an elbow problem, too, but then, I'm missing part of that bone. Now at work I use it in my left hand most of the time because of the way my desk is set up. I only use my right hand when I'm moving stuff around--designing a brochure or cropping pictures.


A former student says he will come down from Michigan and give me some lessons next week. I learned on manual in the UK, but my father says I should go for an automatic here because I'll be manipulating the gear lever with my right hand. I am going to try it and see.

I see Daniel has posted something on Facebook today, so he must be ok.


Do you have a car, by the way? I think manual transmissions are on their way to becoming a thing of the past. I used to sort of prefer manual but now I've gotten lazy like most people.

I love manual transmissions (although I would definitely go automatic if we move somewhere like the US), but my present car - a mini-van - is an automatic and I love it more than I love manual transmissions!

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