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That's kind of unbelievable. I didn't have a computer that would handle anything but local bulletin boards in 1994, but I knew what the internet was. Still, it's kind of hard to believe I've been online less than 17 years.

Bryant G. looks like a baby.


I was trying the other day to remember when I first got access to the web, as opposed to the Internet via various other technologies, mainly Usenet, which I'd had access to since the mid or late '80s in my job. I suppose it was 1992 or so, also via work. I know we didn't have it at home when we moved into this house in '92. Not sure when we got it, whether we had it by '94 or not.

We have truly lived through a hugely important technological change. I started to say "revolutionary," but that's an overused word. Still, I think it's at least as significant as the introduction of television.

We had internet at home from 2000. Before that my access was always through universities, starting in 1992? 93? First had an email account in, hm, 1994?

I've been trying to remember how long I've known you, Paul. How old is Catherine?


Catherine will be 11 in a week or so, but we've known one another longer than that.

Writing that sentence seems strangely unreal.

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