Singularly Mistaken


Isn't it funny how sometimes you get behind a car and you somehow know it's going to turn without signaling? And pretty soon it does.


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I apprehend your blog consistently but I can not consistently comment. I like the way you address me how to adulation your absolute angle on activity are an afflatus to all me.Thanks.

You're welcome, because that's a truly remarkable comment, once shorn of its annoying spam link.

Too bad that he did not say "always" instead of "consistently", and "annotate" instead of "comment".

I think he's saying that you are full of hot air.

No, he's saying he can't find words to express his admiration.

That's true, Craig. Guy needs an editor.

Oh, so he is full of hot air.

He's full of s...ublime emotions, too profound to be easily articulated.

(I roll with laughter)

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