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Macdonald and Giles: Suite in C

Weekend Music

A conversation on Facebook a few days ago reminded me of the sole and self-titled album by former King Crimson members Ian Macdonald and Michael Giles, released in 1970. I am one of the few people who bought it, even though I had not been a King Crimson fan. Now I can't remember why...maybe I heard it in a record store. I sort of liked it, but it was not one of my favorites, and my copy escaped somewhere along the line. Years later, in the 1990s, I sometimes thought of it, and wanted to hear it again. I discovered it had been unavailable for years and had acquired the status of "lost classic." It finally reappeared on cd, and judging by the number of YouTube samples available is certainly out of the "lost" category now. It's really one of the better albums of the prog-rock genre, mostly devoid of the pomposity that tended to be part of that genre.

This is not a song, exactly, but, as the title says, part of a suite.

One would think they might have gone on to do great things, but Ian Macdonald is now mostly known as a founding member of...Foreigner.


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