Macdonald and Giles: Suite in C

Personalities of the Catholic Combox

 For instance, Encyclical Man, who "has a quote at the ready that will clearly establish that anyone who does not share his opinion on the matter is a heretic." I'm sure there are other species awaiting identification but I'm too distracted to think of any: I hope that doesn't make me "Could Do Better But Can't Be Bothered Man".  (Hat tip to Margaret Cabannis at Inside Catholic--she has some other links you might enjoy, too.


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I can't believe I didn't immediately think of one of the most obvious: Mr. Straw Man Man. You say something like "Actually I think Vatican II got a lot of things right." Mr. Straw Man Man replies, generally in a sneer: "So, you think clown masses and atheist priests are just fine, huh?"

"Could Do Better But Can't Be Bothered Man" describes so many aspects of me.

"Underachieving Man"? That's me.

Or so I like to think. :-)

I could take the line of St Bernard and confess to being Paved With Good Intentions Girl, but St Francis de Sales (I think) tells us not to be worried about St Bernard's expression. So maybe I'm Thank God For Frank De Sales Girl.

Except when I'm in a combox elsewhere, where I'm Naturally Timid But Have Recently Discovered My Inner Brat Girl.

I am Tangential Woman.

I like the way that sounds.


I never thought about that, Francesca, but now that you mention it, you do sort of have that tendency. It's not a bad thing, though, because your tangents are always interesting.

It does sound cool, too. Like some kind of superhero. Green Lantern and Tangential Woman to the rescue...

But she probably doesn't have her superhero outfit yet because it hasn't arrived from Scotland.


I can imagine a sequel to the Incredibles, in which Tangential Woman fights Encyclical Man!

I can't wait!


It will probably surprise no one that I would root for Tangential Woman in that fight. Encyclical Man gets on my nerves, while Tangential Woman is a lot of fun.

Rerum Novarum.

Sorry, I just had to say that.

I'm not sure exactly what you meant, but it made me laugh, possibly for some quite different reason.

I was just trying take on Encyclical Man!

One man I had an "interesting" email exchange with described me as an overwrought housewife, which I thought was hilarious. So maybe I'm just Overwrought Housewife.

I could probably do with a chat with Tangential Woman over a cup of tea.

I think the writer forgot the man obsessed with lace etc in liturgical vestments: Maniple Man.

Heh. That's pretty good of you to take "Overwrought Housewife" with humor. I meant to say earlier, you certainly haven't come across as "naturally timid."

I meant to say earlier, you certainly haven't come across as "naturally timid."

Well, that's b/c the comboxes helped me get in touch with my Inner Brat!

You know, from my perspective, I have to say that the internet has taught me to be a bit less sensitive about myself and to "harden up" a bit. I actually count that as a good thing, on the whole.

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