Misguided Promotions


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Oh boy.


I was waiting for the punchline, and then realized that was the joke. Feel free to lump me in with the other silly younguns :)

Yep, that was the joke. But, by the way, the person who said it was not young at all.

Reminds me of that line in 'Metropolitan' where Audrey and Tom are arguing about Jane Austen, and she asks him which of her novels he's read. "None," he says. "I don't read fiction. I prefer good literary criticism."


You know, I was greatly underwhelmed by that movie, about which I had high expectations from reviews etc. Maybe I should give it another chance.

I think Stillman's movies are really smartly written; that's what I like about them. Metropolitan is good, but I like The Last Days of Disco better. I think he has a new film coming out later this year.

I was abundantly underwhelmed by that movie, about which I had top expectations from reviews etc. Maybe I should accord it addition chance. I was cat-and-mouse for the punchline, and again accomplished that was the joke.

That's a really interesting bit of spam. I suppose it was machine-generated. They're getting pretty clever.

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