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An Interesting Reaction To the Corapi Mess

I assume anyone who would be interested knows exactly what I mean when I refer to "the Corapi mess." If you don't, Google something like "corapi black sheep dog" and you can quickly find out all you want to know (Daniel Nichols tells me he started getting thousands of hits when he put up a post with those words in the title). I haven't written anything about it, first because I really wasn't much aware of Fr. Corapi beyond the fact that he was a popular preacher on EWTN, and second because I didn't have anything to say that others weren't saying. 

But here's a perspective I have not seen elsewhere: Jennifer Fulwiler, at her popular blog Conversion Diary, explaining how much Fr. Corapi's preaching meant to her, and the very wise way she is handling his disgrace (which, in my eyes, is what it is).

(Hat tip to Janet.)


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Refreshing; she has a lot of wisdom.
Too many people equate holiness with a basically, if somewhat selective, correct message. You would think that Fr Maciel would have dissuaded anyone of that notion, but no.
And now that you have a post with the word "Corapi" in it I am sure you will get a big boost in the stats....

Nope, no boost. But this is interesting: if you google "corapi mess," this is the first thing that comes up. Combined with the fact that I don't see any noticeable traffice increase, that indicates that not many people are using that search phrase. Judging by the comments on your post(s), an awful lot of people looking for information are Corapi defenders angry at what they see as an attack on him, so "mess" is not a term they would use. But then that's not the most likely term one would use either way, whether looking to defend or attack him--"scandal" would be more likely, I guess.

Yeah, guess you messed up.


I know, and usually I'm so good at getting on bandwagons....

Actually, the terms most used by seekers ending up on CT are variations on "corapi black sheepdog". Which is fairly neutral.
I did have to close the comments on the initial post, as things just got too nasty, from both sides. And mind you, I don't mind sarcasm....

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