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The Arts & Faith Top 100 Films

I've been meaning to post a link to this apropos the continuing discussion about films to be used in Francesca's class on Theology and Film.  Only, I thought it was Image magazine's list, and didn't recognize it when Craig linked to it by its proper name. 

Actually I had intended to post it a couple of months ago, when I first saw it on the Image site, but kept forgetting about it. My first thought on it was "Well, that looks like a good argument-starter." And it probably is--I mean arguments of the enjoyable sort.  My second reaction was to count the number of them that I've seen: 21, not as many as I would have expected. Of those, there are a few that I wouldn't have included, such as 2001 (which I like very much, and which does certainly raise Cosmic questions, but is "theological" only in a negative way, i.e., it's implicitly atheistic). But it's certainly an interesting list, and I'm going to be looking for some of them. 

I notice a lot of them came up in our discussion. I can't believe I didn't think of Sophie Scholl.


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I can't believe I've lost my Sophie Scholl DVD! Or else lent it to someone before I left GB and forgot whom! I think I watched it after Mac recommended it here.

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