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The local paper has a daily list of famous people whose birthday is on that day. Today happens to be Colin Blumstone's: he's 66 (!). If I'm not mistaken, he was the lead singer on this song, which I liked at least as much as anything by the Beatles when I was in high school. 

And it's an odd comment on human nature--or my nature, anyway, on the longing that can't be satisfied. It's 45 years later, I'm 62 years old, I'm happily married...and yet, in some way, she's still not there.



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The problem is really that you're not there. But that's okay because none of us are.


Good song.

I have known this song since childhood, but didn't know the title or the group.

I loved that song when I was a young teenager. (Yes, I am older than dirt now. :))

That may make me dirt+1, then, depending on what you mean by "young teenager." It was more like mid-teens for me--16, maybe.

I'm finding that I occasionally enjoy being the oldest person in a group. Might as well enjoy it, I guess.

My goal in life now is to be the oldest person at the seminary. I think there are only 3 people ahead of me now.


I sure hope I don't end up in that position here. Right now there are several profs who are way ahead of me, though probably not too many staff people. But I hope to be gone before I'm the eldest. I don't anticipate that I would be consulted for my wisdom if that happened.

But I don't want to be gone before I'm ready, either.

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