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A 15-pound (6.8kg) hamburger.  Your horror should be tempered by the knowledge that it's meant to feed ten to fifteen people, but still.... And of course there must be a contest to see if anyone can eat the whole thing by himself. 

Note the word "Mallett" on the guy's t-shirt. That surely is a reference to what used to be the men's honors dorm at the University of Alabama, in which I resided during my freshman year. (I moved out into an apartment after that.) Sometime later the program ceased to be associated with that specific building, but continued as something called "the Mallett Assembly," and I think it still exists.


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And speaking of a hamburger that costs $79.95, I found out today that a carton of Camels costs $67.00. This means that each cigarette costs roughly the same as I used to pay for a pack. I used to smoke 3 packs a day (not Camels). How does anyone afford to smoke?


For some reason I remembered on the way home from work that I had meant to reply to this and forgotten--I guess I was busy at work. Anyway, I remember some years ago realizing with a start that the price for a carton had risen to what I used to pay for a pack. And now a single cigarette?!?!? No wonder my brother-and-sister-in-law who smoke roll their own.

I wouldn't mind having a Chesterfield right now.

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