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Yes indeed! My daughter and I went to a performance of this by the Pittsburgh Symphony a few years back. It was marvelous. When I first started seriously listening to classical music about 10 years ago the Durufle requiem was one of the first choral works I encountered. It's been a favorite ever since.

My bust. It was the Faure Requiem we went to hear. But the rest is accurate -- I have a CD which I bought back then that has both Requiems on it, and both are lovely.

They're both great...well, I guess I like the Faure better. I haven't heard the Durufle for years, though, and am looking forward to it. This is also a Tridentine Rite (or whatever the proper terminology is) High Mass, which should be interesting.

I would be more jealous if I wasn't doing this:



Nice. Don't drop her.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! ;-)


My introduction to Durufle's Requiem was when the choir I was in decided to sing it. I've admired it ever since -- though, if I'm in the mood for a gentle, modern Requiem I generally turn to Faure.

Enjoy it! Is it a long weekend down there too?

No, just a normal one, but I'll take it.:-)

Was it loverly?

Yes, it certainly was. I'm about to post a selection from the music, and a comment on the liturgy.

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