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Yo?! Wonder if you can get that from Netflix.


Yeah, I loved that "Yo!", too.

looks like my kind of film.

Prime material for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Makes Tree of Life look so boring.


Yeah...all that artsy stuff....

One good swift kick in the gut would have added a lot to it.

Well, I'm relieved to see that so many of the obstacles have been overcome.

Despite being "hampered by lack of professionalism."

When queried regarding the professionalism of Ugandan action films, a resident of Kampala told LODW's Ugandan correspondent, "The Ugandan film industry is still new. It is not nearly so mature as, say, the Nigerian film industry. If you want to watch a good action film you should watch a Nigerian one."

Probably a Nigerian himself. We know all about those Nigerians. Did he ask you to invest in his movie?

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