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Father and Son

I had been wanting for some time to get a good picture of these two remnants of dead trees. I had tried a few times, but there was always something wrong. Either the light was on them, which was what I wanted, because there was nice color and texture on the trunks, but they were out of focus, or the light was behind them, and all that detail was lost. Then a month or so ago Tropical Storm Lee came along and knocked down the bigger one.  So I'll have to be content with this one, which is the best of what I had.

Would it be better if I cropped out that bit of tree on the right? I thought so, but when I tried it, I didn't like the result as well--the dead ones seemed too isolated somehow. Unsupported.


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Try leaving right-hand side as it is an cropping a bit off the left.


Hmm, yeah, I'll try that. What I'd really like is to move the whole frame somewhat to the right.

Well, I suppose that you could take another picture and Photoshop the big tree from this one into the new one. ;-)


Someone who has Photoshop and knows how to use it could, anyway. There's an open source image editing program called Gimp which is supposed to have a lot of the capabilities of Photoshop. I tried it a while back, but I didn't even have the terminology to enable me to know what I wanted to do, much less how to do it.

Somebody would really have to know what they were doing to fix it.


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