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By the way, Crisis is back

Netflix listens

Dumps universally derided "Qwikster" plan.

Personally, I don't mind some not-too-excessive rate increase, if the selection remains as good as it is. I'm a little worried about that. There are a couple of movies that I thought were in my dvd queue, but are now in the "saved" list, meaning they're currently unavailable. I hope that doesn't mean the company is trimming their inventory.


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This is my big concern. I called them. I've never done anything like that before. The girl was nice. I would not want to have her job.


If I were king, I would require that everyone spend at least a few months at some point in their lives working in a job where they have to deal with the public.

You're quite certain that some things you had seen there are no longer available? I'm not 100% sure (as there are over 100 things in the q). I suppose that could be because the publisher took away the rights, or their only copy of the dvd was damaged and it wasn't rented often enough to justify replacing it.

But of course you probably wouldn't have called them unless you were quite certain (unless that wasn't why you called).

Yes, I'm quite certain. We looked at my queue and talked about it. And I'm also about 90% or more sure that one of the things on my "saved" list used to be in my queue.


There were two things that made me decide to call. One was that they email I got told about all the wonderful new choices they had. The other was that I think they are worried about any further gaffs and are more likely to listen to people than they would usually be. I was pleasant.


Let's hope they're worried. Of course a deep plunge in stock price would have gotten their attention. I'm not anywhere near that sure--it's really just a suspicion.

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