Aww...this is sweet
Oh my goodness, am I going to watch a ballet?

Thinking about starting another blog

To be called You Know What Else Makes Me Mad? 

To be used as an outlet for my considerable irritation at various inhabitants and phenomena of the contemporary world. Sort of a Mr. Hyde to this blog's Dr. Jekyll.


But I really don't think it would be healthy for me.  It certainly wasn't for Dr. Jekyll. 


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Resist the devil and he will flee.

Excellent advice.

If he knew how to do that, he wouldn't be thinking about starting that blog.


Humph. I haven't started it, have I? And I already resisted one temptation: I really wanted the name to be You Know What Else Pisses Me Off?.

Oh. Well then, I'm proud of you for not saying that.



I probably also have a duty not to give you any encouragement along these lines.

Encouragement to LOL or get mad? :-D

To express your annoyance more freely.:-)


This would not be a good idea for me. I like essays like this...

...far too much for my own good.

Well, that was invigorating!

I used to feel much more the way you and the writer do. A lot of my indignation has worn off now, though I can still get pretty irritated at things like Escalades and, even worse to me, Mercedes/BMW/Volvo SUVs. I always found myself chastened by thoughts along the lines of those expressed by the commenter Kyle on that post. Conceptually, we *ought* to be able to have antibiotics but not shopping malls, but in the world as it is they co-exist, and we can't undo it.

I'm not unsympathetic to what Mr. Peters says (although I'm not habituated to about the half the things he mentions), and I'm sure that I would prefer living in the sort of world that he envisions. When we were younger, that was our goal, but it just hasn't happened. What has happened is that it's become obvious to me that God didn't put me in a place like that. He put me here, and He has something for me to do here. I just have to ask myself, "Okay, what can I do here?" And even though I'm not particularly good at it, things turn up.


I agree, but that view is not totally incompatible with griping. :-)

When I was working on Caelum et Terra I always felt a bit hypocritical, in that the mag was so anti-modern, anti-technological, etc., but I had no intention of trying to remove myself from those things. Perhaps I might have tried it in my youth, if the right opportunity had come along, but I was already over 40.

Actually I thank God now that I (we--me, wife, children) never tried to become part of some intentional Christian community, though we were looking for something like that at one point. I'm about as sure as one can be about might-have-beens that it would have been...well, I started to say a disaster, but to be slightly less fatalistic, let's say I don't think it would have worked out.

I imagine I'll mellow out as I get older. I don't want to be a crochety old man.

I'm finding it difficult not to.

I didn't know needlework was so bad for men, Rob.


We approach it with knitted brows.

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