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For the past several days I've been seeing a story on Google News, which I look at several times a day, with a headline about "The Nun Who Kissed Elvis." I didn't pay any attention, figuring that it was just some silly episode, probably from the '60s, in which a foolish nun developed a crush on Elvis. But this morning the story appeared in our local paper, and I found that it was nothing of the sort. Here's the same AP story that was in the paper. The paper also included a picture of her as a young woman. She was, as her film career would indicate, quite a beauty.

There is an intriguing spiritual biography here. I was especially struck by the continued connection with her onetime fiancĂ©, because I once contemplated using just such a story in a novel that I don't expect ever to write now, but had serious doubts as to whether it was plausible, whether any order of nuns would have permitted such a thing. 


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Is there supposed to be a link to the intriguing spiritual biography?

Aren't you glad I'm back to pick on you?


No, I only meant "here" in the sense of "in her life." Not a good choice of word in the Internet context.

Of course!

Lovely story!

Oh,that community very well might allow it; I went on a retreat there once and after a few troubling days realized that behind the habits and the chant and the other trappings of traditional religious life was a Jungian cult. The Reporter and the Wanderer BOTH did exposes a decade or so back, and eventually Rome stepped in, removed the Jesuit spiritual director who was behind the weirdness (I heard him say in a homily that if you were REALLY recollected you could expect an orgasm after communion) and I believe also replaced the superior...
Not sure about the current scene there.

Disheartening. I hope that's all over. Their web site doesn't give any indication of such things:

I've been so removed from the intra-Church wars in recent years that it was a couple of minutes after I read this that the significance of the Reporter & Wanderer both doing exposes hit me.

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