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Good piece; thanks for the link. I agree, though, with the commenter who said: "If there is an economist out there who can solve our economic problems without making us into self-centered over-consumers, he/she ought to get the Nobel Prize."

Not a problem that can be solved by economists or economics, unfortunately. It must be 30 years ago that someone sent me a quotation from Juvenal about how luxury was destroying Rome.

Seems there's a bit of difference between then and now, though, in that we're constantly exhorted to "get out and shop" to make the economy thrive. Not sure that was the case with the Romans. Or was it?

Oh yeah, I just mean the affluence and indulgence. I expect consumerism as an economic ideology is new.

I have a feeling that the standard Roman advice in bad economic times was to stay home spinning and weaving. Not sure where I might have got that from, though.

They didn't have the benefit of modern advertising pushing them to go out there and contribute to growth.

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