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Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band: The Angel Gabriel

(Advent) Weekend Music

Maddy Prior With The Carnival Band - A Tapestry Of Carols - 08 - The Angel Gabriel

I heard this song used in an Advent context somewhere recently, and looked for it on YouTube, but didn't find it. So I'm trying something new: uploading my own copy. TypePad has an audio feature which I've never used before. There's a little play/pause control on the left side of the panel above, or should be, which appears when you roll the mouse over it.  This is illegal, so I will probably take it down after a week or two. May I suggest that if you like it you purchase the album? which, as I never tire of saying, is my favorite single Christmas album.


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I just downloaded this album for $4.99 on Amazon.

I have always wanted an album with just Advent songs, so this year I downloaded all the Advent songs I could find and burned a CD. One of the songs--and this one isn't strictly Advent--is Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band singing "Rorate Coeli De Super." I really love this song. It's on "Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh."



I don't know that album, or that song, either. Tapestry of Carols is the only MP&CB album I've heard. I discovered it 20 years ago in the library, but it was out of print at the time, and it was another 10 years before I was able to buy it from eMusic.

It's not online anywhere. It's very different from the traditional chant. It would be worth 99 cents.


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