Sunday Night Journal — January 22, 2012
Georgetown's Loss, Notre Dame's Gain

City of Ice

These astonishing structures are described as "ice sculptures," but that hardly does them justice. Click on the picture for many more, and information about the Harbin International Ice and Snow festival where they're created. (Harbin is a city in China.)



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That is amazing. It would almost be worth being that cold to see it. My poor computer almost had a stroke trying to upload the pictures, though.


That site has great pictures on a regular basis. I've often meant to link to something there and then forgotten or gotten distracted or something.

And then there are these:


"All of my pieces are made out of single pieces of paper just by means of cutting and folding," I'm sure that's a lie.:-)

No, really, there is something a bit crazy about this kind of thing, and yet it's awesome. Or awesome, yet crazy.

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