Sunday Night Journal — January 29, 2012
"There's been a lot of whiskey drunk to that song"

Etymology Man!

I've always been greatly annoyed by the attempt to limit or twist the use of a common word by reference to its etymology. I've probably done it myself here and there, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. So here is xkcd doing his part to stamp out the practice.

Language changes, people; get over it. If you want meanings to stay put, do like Mother Church and use Latin. 

(Thanks to my wife for sending me this. I can't believe she saw an xkcd before I did. I haven't been reading it as regularly as I used to.)


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At first I thought this said, "Etymology, Man!" I was excited because I love etymology.


Oh, I do, too. It's just that use of it that annoys me. And really I've partially mischaracterized what Etymology Man is doing--he's mainly crusading for accurate etymology (I think).

In fact, not to be pedantic, but etymology man is saying you do not always have to change your language.

Yes, I was projecting my own pet peeve there to some extent. I guess I was hearing mainly the very end, which is sort of a putdown of the pedant (the pedant's "tsunami" is more wrong than "tidal wave," etymologically)--people who insist on etymological conformity being pedants, in my book.

And it's hopeless anyway. Even Latin changes.

I loved that one. I'm sure you caught the follow up a few days later. I thought it was funnier still.

Yes, I meant to post that one but got distracted as usual.

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