The Gaithers: Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
Sunday Night Journal — January 29, 2012

Lego Man Goes to...well, not outer space, but really really up there

"They just thought it would be cool." And they were so right

Approximately 24km (15 miles) is still well within the earth's atmosphere, but very roughly double typical airliner cruising altitudes (9 to 12km or 6 to 8 miles, also very roughly). Depending on who's making the judgment and by what criteria, outer space begins anywhere from 76 to 100 km (47 to 62 miles). 


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This is cool.

It also reminds me that I have been wanting to ask you if you have seen this:

You have to click on the different sections to see how complete it is. And, since it includes everything, it sometimes gets a bit racy.


That dude is weird.

Local boys done good! What a great project -- the balloon, I mean.

(The Lego Bible is very odd.)

I figured you would like the fact that they were Canadian. Well, I guess you had already heard the story, sounds like it got a lot of attention there.

I just can't believe the amount of time the Lego Bible guy put in. It's one thing to think of the idea and execute a few pieces,'s mind-boggling. As is the variety of Lego pieces. I had no idea there are Lego bananas, for instance.

I think I can see how one might start messing around with Lego and an Old Testament story and then get caught up in it. There appears to be a book involved, too.

Some of this is really weird, but he seems to stick to the text.


The weirdness is in the scale of it--the ability and willingness to put in what must have been thousands of hours and a huge amount of skill and ingenuity (and I guess a fair amount of money) on an essentially silly project.

You can see he finds the OT pretty weird and occasionally appalling, but I can't really blame him on that score.

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