Sunday Night Journal — January 15, 2012


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Too bad I can't download that on my work computer.


We need this for everything. No access to the refrigerator for 8 hours--no TV--no incandescent light bulbs.


Funny you should mention light bulbs--I was just reading this story sent to me by a friend.

I can't believe they pay for a gizmo to stop them surfing the web! At first I thought it must be an Onion type parody. I achieve that effect by not having the internet at home!

I can believe it. I probably won't buy it, but it's not out of the question. I'm definitely not getting rid of the internet at home, unless I suddenly get poor, and although I can disconnect my computer from it by pressing a button, I can also re-connect that easily. Like the ad says, if you have to reboot to get back online, you would be embarrassed, and the amount of time involved would be enough to give you pause.

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