Two Old SNJs
Sunday Night Journal — February 19, 2012


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Like this a lot, Mac. Found it on CD a few mos. back by a pianist named Ethella Chuprik, coupled with the "Waldstein" sonata.

I wish it weren't called the Pastorale, which was probably not Beethoven's doing. I dislike program music in general, even when the composer intends it. I don't usually see what I'm supposed to see. And in this case I keep thinking I'm supposed to see dancing peasants 'n' stuff, so I have to sort of push that kind of thing out of my head. But it is a beautiful piece. I haven't gotten to the Waldstein yet--going through my set in order of issue, which is roughly chronological or at least opus number order, but not exactly. I think Waldstein is on the next disk.

I'm a big Chopin fan, so I tend to like the Beethoven piano music that sounds more like Chopin. I'm not keen on the Beethoven Sturm und Drang stuff.

My taste leans that way, too--I mean, not necessarily toward Chopin specifically, but away from S & D, especially on the piano. In the symphonies it works better. For the most part, I actively dislike very loud chords on the piano.

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