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And yours, too, though you may not know it, every time you read a blog, log on to Facebook, or use a service like Gmail or Hotmail. From an IT trade publication:

Cloud computing builds on automated virtualized infrastructures by using extended management software to deliver environments where users can define, provision, and operate their own services in service models such as IaaS [infrastructure as a service], PaaS [platform as a service], or SaaS [software as a service].

Someday I won't have to think about this stuff anymore. 

The industry likes the term "cloud computing," because it sounds nice and sweet and dreamy and simple. It's anything but. Considered from top to bottom, it might be the most complex thing the human race has yet constructed. The quote above is part of a discussion of a particular set of sub-problems associated with the technology.


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Of course what I mean is my *work* world. The other part looks pretty different...

Perhaps I'm over-literal (or over-visual), but I've always thought of cloud computing as an unquantifiable mass of droplets of data, at any moment ready to collide and create a thunder storm.

I love it.


I would say it's cloud-like in that from a distance it looks way more solid and stable than it is.

The coinage of the term cloud computing maybe derived from the diagram of clouds as representation of Internet in textbooks. This concept was derived from telecommunication companies back in the 90's where there was a shift point-to-point data circuits to Virtual Private Network. There are non-techie people who use the internet but once they encountered cloud computing they won't have an idea about it. It's better to use simple words for them to understand it.

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