Groundhog Day
Sunday Night Journal — Feb 5, 2012


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Great one, Mac -- never heard that tune of theirs before. Gorgeous.

I think my fave songs of theirs are the first 3 tunes on 'Souvlaki.' I could listen to that sort of stuff forever.

Me too. This is from the EP Holding Our Breath, although I had to look that up, as their stuff sort of all runs together for me, except that I don't like Pygmalion as much as the other two full albums. I just ran across this on YouTube and posted it partly because the video suits it so well.

There is a "best of" sort of thing out there, a 2-disc collection of stuff from the EPs and full-length discs which I may pick up at some point. I have 'Just for a Day,' which I don't like nearly as much as 'Souvlaki,' and I don't have any of the EPs.

I don't remember having a strong preference for either Souvlaki or Just For A Day. I seem to recall that they both have great and less-great stuff, but I'd have to listen to them back-to-back to know. There are some gems on the EPs (obviously--at least one, anyway).

Souvlaki sounds like something good to eat.


As I guess you know it is some kind of Greek dish. I don't think the name has anything to do with the music.

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