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An interesting profile of an interesting fellow in the local paper: Eldon Bryson, who has been repairing stringed instruments for many years. He's a country guy who learned the trade on his own over many years, and now orchestral players with instruments that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars trust him to take care of them. Click here to read the story, which also includes this video:

I've been in that workshop. Mr. Bryson worked on my violin-playing son's expensive instrument, and my guitar-playing son's old Fender Mustang (one of Fender's cheaper guitars). There was a big old Fender amp in the corner when I was there.


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That's the second time I've come across the word "luthier" in the past week--and in my life.


You're rapidly getting luthier.

Well, I was going to say that maybe once my sister told me her tooth was luthier than mine.


"getting luthier" caught me off-guard and I got a good laugh

I'm hoping the Patriots will be luthier than the Giants this Sunday.

Ah, I see. You are pronouncing it with a short "u" and I using a long "u". So, I checked it out and it's "lootier. You don't pronounce the "h" and it comes from the French word for "lute," which, of course, makes sense.


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