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Sunday Night Journal — March 25, 2012


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Have you read or heard anywhere what Zimmerman's side of the story actually is?


Well, there's this. He hasn't spoken publicly and in fact is hiding, as well he might.

From what we know now I think he's probably guilty of some kind of wrongful death. It certainly looks like he created the situation that ended up with an innocent person dead. But I'm disturbed by the lynch mob mentality that's in evidence, and the people who are treating this as the equivalent of things like the murder of Emmett Till.

Oops, there was supposed to have been a link in the previous comment. link

This is kind of surreal. What is Jackson talking about? Does he think it's 1965? Surprised? Who is surprised? By any of this?

I'm kind of confused because in the link they say that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him up and that when the police got there Zimmerman had grass stains on the back of shirt and his face was bloody. What is it that makes you think Martin was innocent?


For JJ it's always 1965. A few years ago he said of some racial incident that it was "Selma all over again." To which Jonah Goldberg replied "For Jesse Jackson, it's probably Selma all over again if the laundry puts too much starch in his shirts."

You can kind of see the appeal. The moral situation was so much more clear, and it seemed as if all that was required to solve the problems of black people was to make the white people stop oppressing them.

As I understand it--certainly subject to correction as more facts come out--the broad outline of events was (1) GZ spotted TM, thought he was suspicious, and called 911 (2) 911 told him not to follow TM, but he did so anyway (3) TM is heard on his cell phone expressing fear because someone is following him (4) they fight and GZ shoots TM.

The details of how the fight actually got started don't seem to be clear. When I say TM was innocent I mean he seems to have been just minding his own business when it all started. Could easily be he struck the first blow, but presumably in response to GZ's menacing him.

Okay. Well, the item you linked to is the only thing I had seen about what actually happened, and I couldn't really see that from the video. Up to then all the facts I had heard were: Z was a white Mexican, M was black, Z got out of the car when they told him not to, the police were negligent bigots. I hadn't heard that TM had made that call. I was just curious.


There's a lot of stuff out there that will really make you mad if you read it. No less than The New Yorker compared it to Emmitt Till. And there's lots of talk about "small Southern town" etc. This place is about 10 miles from Orlando so I rather doubt it's very "Southern" in the way they're thinking.

The PC approach to race is just maddening. If Z had been a victim in a situation like this, and the guy with the gun had been ordinary "white"--Anglo-Saxon-Celtic--Z would have been automatically awarded victim status, and the narrative would have been one of anti-hispanic bigotry. But black takes precedence over hispanic in the victim ratings. Or for that matter if he were applying for admission to college, he would provide "diversity" points for the school. But in this situation, for purposes of the racialist narrative he becomes sort of an honorary white.

Just watch this. It ain't near-rural Alabama or Mississippi of 50 years ago.

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