Sunday Night Journal — March 11, 2011
The discourse of praxis...


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I love that story.


I actually haven't read it for quite a long time, but I think of that line fairly often.

It's so exactly what I hoped for when I was little.


Shoot, I still...well, I can't say hope, exactly...but it sounds pretty good. PROVIDED.



Sort of the flip side to "She would of been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life," isn't it.

Yes, applied to self instead of somebody else.

I read the story last night, btw. It is great. Several laugh-out-loud moments.

Yes, applied to self instead of somebody else.

Well, not exactly that. In one case you want to be shot, in the other, you are being good so you won't get shot.


True. I just meant the aspect of being unable to be good on one's own, pointed out by another in the one case and recognized in the self in the other.



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