Another thought on that last Sunday Night Journal
The Band: This Wheel's On Fire

Anyone for a caption contest? Looks to me like the guy on the left is trying to sell a car to the guy on the right.



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who is the one on the left?

And let me tell you what I said to Cardinal Dolan then--you're gonna love this one.

The vice-prez, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden.


What happened to my comment?


He really looks like a creepy good ole boy car salesman

Well, he's Catholic,


BIDEN: "With one swift move I can now break half the bones in your body"

OBAMA: "Yeah, yeah..."

"I think a clean articulate black guy* such as yourself might like this Camry."

* yes, Biden actually referred to Obama that way


I would buy a Camry even from Joe Biden.


I don't necessarily think it's the funniest one, but godescalc's entry does seem right about a sort of menacing aspect to Uncle Joe. And Obama looks a bit uneasy.

Do you think they call each other every morning to talk about which tie to wear.


I wondered that, too. And also thought maybe the next time I have to wear a tie I should go buy one like theirs, because mine are all very much out of style and theirs are surely not.

I didn't mean it to be menacing - Biden looks like he's just got back from karate class or something and is eager to show of his mad skillz.

Also, it's Obama's "what on earth dude" expression that really makes the photo for me, like he can't quite believe he's required to take what he's hearing seriously.


BIDEN: "you gotta believe me barack they're on the edge of the solar system just waiting"

OBAMA: "dude"

OBAMA: "the hell they spiking your coffee with"

Biden: "Listen, Barack,I know this is going to be a tough campaign, but don't worry, I'm going to be right beside you all the way."

Obama: "Uhhh...thanks."

They probably paid more for their ties than you did for your entire wardrobe.


Probably so.

Ok, Rob's and the first line of godescalc's last one (I think it's funnier without the last line) made me laugh out loud. Janet's is the closest to real life. Unfortunately.

Obama's expression does indeed indicate "whatever I have to say to get away from this guy".

I think maybe I've gotten beyond the point where I find anything about this guy funny.


I'm not really having that problem. I'm very much enjoying the caninophagic jokes, for instance. Which are totally unfair, but which the Dems in general so very much deserve for the innumerable similar things they do.

This, if the link works, is my favorite.

Have you offered him Lucy?


That is a GREAT idea.

There is a nice trove of related jokes, puns, etc. here.

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