The Skatalites: Simmer Down


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Hmmm. Sounds like Blighty's wake up callhas slept in.

I was once awakened by an escaped lunatic hammering on my window and yodelling (I think he heard my alarm clock going). I had prayed the night before to get up in time and not just fall back to sleep as soon as I heard the alarm clock, as usually happens. It was a memorable answer to prayer.

I wouldn't say there's no hope for old blighty - better a live dog than a dead lion - but I can't see what form help could arrive in when government has to step in like this. There's already people who don't bother cleaning houses or yards and who think they're entitled to have someone from the council do it; I can imagine an explosion of such within a few years.

That's exactly the sort of thing I keep reading from English conservatives, some expat and some not (e.g. Anthony Daniels). I try to keep in mind that as conservatives they're naturally disposed to see decline, and to credit semi-socialist governments for it, but alas it does seem to be real.

God does pick some interesting ways to answer prayers, doesn't he?

O my Lord! I just had a fleeting vision of what the "help" might be like! Picture Hyacinth Bucket popping in first thing in the morning. :o well, that would probably be enough to make me get out of bed on time every day for the rest of my life (and that's saying something).

Or maybe Nurse Ratched.

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