Sunday Night Journal — April 22, 2012
The Tuscaloosa Tornadoes

On not fanning the flames

If you visited here within the past 4 or 5 hours, you saw a post linking to a story about the beating of a white man by a black mob who may have been further inflamed by the Trayvon Martin case. I took the post down because it served no real purpose other than to express my frustration at the people who have been fanning those flames of racial hostility, and I don't want to do anything that might serve to fan them further. 


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Here, in case anybody is wondering, is the story. My wife and I read it in the paper this morning and there was no mention of race in that story, but I suspected there might be. I doubt very much that the mob jumped the guy because of the TM case, but that could have added fuel to the rage. These things are bringing out the racists on both sides. It's scary.

Wow, there's a whole heap of evidence against Owens in this piece. A Fox News site I just looked at is asking why it isn't being considered a "hate crime." Well, maybe it is a hate the sense that a whole lot of people did seem to--hate--the guy. Nobody deserves what he got, and people should go to jail, but it sounds like he's far far from innocent. I almost posted something about this on Facebook yesterday, referencing Trayvon, race, black on white violence, etc. I'm glad I didn't. You're right: fanning the flames. We should all leave that crap to Al and Jesse.

"evidence" is not the best choice of words--implies that he did something illegal. Maybe he was an obnoxious let's get a few dozen people together and beat him to death. I know that's not what *you* mean, but the local paper does seem to be trying to suggest that he partly brought it on himself. Which is in very stark contrast to the way the press in general treated the TM case.

It's probably safe to assume there was some preliminary obnoxiousness on both sides.

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