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Another thought on that last Sunday Night Journal

Why Is It Always Me?! (II)

As anyone who has a Gmail account knows, Gmail shows you advertising based on the contents of your email, which is creepy and annoying, and occasionally amusing. Like this one:


In case anyone reading this doesn't know, I am not a girl of any standing at all, whether standout, stand-in, stand-up, or stand-down. No word relating directly to the product being advertised occurs anywhere in my mail (I checked), unless you count words like "girl," "woman," and "female." And if those were responsible you'd think I would get a constant stream of ads for...um...girl stuff, which I don't. The only thing I can figure is that it was triggered by the word "standout," which appears twice, most recently in an email that referred to a movie containing "a number of standout performances." I wouldn't have minded it showing up once but it's been there most of the time for several days now.

I briefly considered clicking on the link to see how standout girls shine, but if I do that Gmail will never believe I don't aspire to be one.


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