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I miss 45s.

I really love Ghost Riders in the Sky.

I always thought (well, once I was a mom)that kids that were in 4-H and Junior Cattlemen and stuff like that really were fortunate to have had that experience. They seemed to be doing real stuff and not just messing around.


We certainly were. We spent a lot of time with those steers and had a lot of responsibility for them. It was definitely not Disney-ish nature sentimentality.

I felt nostalgic when I saw that 45.

The version of 'Ghost Riders' that I remember from childhood is the one by Frankie Laine. Must've been a late 50s or early 60s version, as I first heard it probably around '65 or '66. I had an uncle that liked country music and had a lot of records (Eddy Arnold was his favorite singer).

I've heard the Frankie Laine one. I'd probably like it if I'd heard it first, but now it seems a bit overdone. The Sons of the Pioneers have a good version.

I guess that Dale Robertson rendition must have been the first time I heard the words. I remember wondering about the instrumental version whether it was just an evocative title (not that I would have used the word "evocative"), or if it had lyrics, and if so whether and how they did justice to the title.

I saw the Sons of the Pioneers singing "Cool Clear Water" the other night in some old movie my dad had recorded. He showed me that part and was laughing because he remembered a Spike Jones version where everytime the singer sang "water" he'd get a cupful in the face.

Actually the S.O.T.P. were pretty darn good! When I was a kid I had some children's records of cowboy songs -- wish I still had them...

Oh yeah, I think the Sons of the Pioneers are great, and that song in particular is really great. I have this LP (hope that link works).

That's a great cover!

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