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And yet so many of these same feminists who passionately put this forward as a supreme good--the right of women to actualize themselves through the pursuit of careers, to follow their respective American Dreams--also, often in the next breath, will argue that Capitalism is without any redeeming value whatsoever, and/or will ridicule the idea of the American Dream.

(You seem to be suggesting, and I'm inclined to agree, that the whole "follow your dreams" thing, at least with regard to career, really is somewhat of a lie, to a large extent anyway. So, you and the feminists in question are somewhat in agreement?--sort of. Emphasis on somewhat. ;-)

I imagine if pressed on the issue they might say "well, yeah, it's a lie, but it doesn't matter. It's about EQUAL RIGHTS. *We* should be allowed to pursue the lie TOO!")

In a way both left and right have that follow-your-American-Dream basis. But the right generally sees it as something you achieve. The left generally sees it as something the government should provide for you. Broad strokes, but somewhat accurate.

I'm a little confused by your parenthesis. I don't think the feminists in general believe it's a lie. They believe their difficulty in achieving it is the fault of Society and that someone should fix the problem.

I agree with you, Maclin.

As for me, I'm pretty content here at home, bringing up the kids. Like anything, it has its difficulties and challenges, but on the whole I'm happy that I've had the chance to stay at home with them. The uber-feminists strike me as being essentially

oops! they strike me as being essentially immature if they really believe what they seem to believe, that women shouldn't have to have any difficulties in life.

Also, I think men get to a certain point in their working life when they still have many years ahead but aren't as young as they were, and they look at their at-home wives and wish they could just stay home. I can't say I blame them.

I just read the first couple of pages of the Atlantic piece. Not sure I'll finish it. It was a great victory for the devil when educated and influential women started to agree with men that money and prestige and power are the most important things in life. Though really I guess they always have, they just changed from wanting to get these things through their husbands to wanting to get them on their own. It's good that this woman figured out that she couldn't "have it all," but the whole frame of mind is just depressing.

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