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I hate it when you (and now Janet) post music when my only access to the web is in a bar! One day soon I am getting an ipad.

When I first joined eMusic, I downloaded half a dozen Everly Brothers songs including those two. They are great songs to sing, and the best to harmonize with. I always have to laugh when I listen to Bird Dog. You could never get away with those lyrics today.

Hey bird dog get away from my quail
Hey bird dog you're on the wrong trail...Bird Dog you better find a chicken little of your own.


It's his fault. It's the happy nature of Everly Bros. music that made me think of Pomplamoose.


Well, I made a mess of that post, didn't I? Not only had the wrong link for the other video, but had it twice. Fixed now but I don't have time to locate the live version I had meant to post.

I remember Bird Dog, too. And I love Pomplamoose.

Good call.. No one else ever came near their pure, organic close harmony. "Bye Bye Love"

Yeah, that's a good one, too. I think Simon and Garfunkle were in their league as harmony singers but it's a different effect, because their voices are really pretty different. Don and Phil have a genetic advantage.

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